Let me buy or sell your home faster

Let me buy or sell your home faster

real estate consulting

He is a real estate consultant and has been delivering talks and consultations to educate investors and home buyers on real estate best practices.

buying properties

He offers the best luxury home buying service to his clients. He believes in becoming a long-term partner with them, rather than part of a onetime transaction.

selling properties

His service includes selling of luxury properties. He understands that every home has a story, and he's always ready to tell the story of his client's home, in order to guarantee maximum sales values.



Bashir Ademola Yusuf, a prominent figure in the luxury real estate industry, is the CEO and founder of Estate Code Nigeria Ltd, a highly regarded organisation in the Nigeria Real Estate Industry. As a real estate broker and consultant, Bashir has established himself as an authority in the field as a seasoned consultant who is prominent for educating investors and home buyers on real estate best practices. His in-depth knowledge of the Federal Capital Territory has led him to specialise in the Abuja real estate market, focusing primarily on luxury homes and new developments.

Bashir's expertise and leadership in the luxury real estate space are evident through his ethical approach and reputable standing in the industry. His profound understanding of the market, coupled with his commitment to excellence, positions him as a trusted advisor for investors and home buyers, seeking unparalleled insights and opportunities in the luxury real estate sector.

selling your homes?
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Are you thinking of selling your home faster? Bashir has developed a leading-edge luxury property marketing system that affords him an open opportunity to expose his client's assets to the right market and sell with ease. His sales experience provides strategic market information that assists his clients in making smart decisions to sell or buy. Therefore, you are in the right place, just get in touch with him now to give your home maximum exposure and get quick sales at the best market price.


Why Choose Bashir for Your Real Estate Deal?

Step into a world of ethical distinction and unparalleled expertise with Bashir Ademola Yusuf. Renowned for his specialization in luxury homes and new developments, Bashir is more than a real estate specialist; he's a storyteller of homes, crafting unique narratives that resonate with his clients' aspirations. The following are part of the reason to consider him as your go-to option when comes to the real estate dealings:

Expertise in Luxury Homes and Beyond: Bashir's expertise isn't just limited to luxury homes; it extends to new developments and prestigious properties, especially within the vibrant landscape of Abuja. His comprehensive understanding of the local market ensures a strategic advantage for buyers and sellers alike.

Ethical Excellence at the Core: At the heart of Bashir's practise lies an unwavering commitment to ethical entrepreneurship. In a realm often driven solely by financial gain, Bashir distinguishes himself by successfully blending ethical principles with his stellar track record of success. His ability to discern between profitable choices and ethically sound decisions sets him apart, ensuring a harmonious balance between prosperity and integrity.

Client-Centric Approach: Bashir's commitment goes beyond transactions; it's rooted in providing exceptional service to his clients. He prioritizes their needs, ensuring transparent, personalized, and ethical practices throughout every phase of the real estate journey.

Unveiling the Story of Your Home: Bashir's perspective transcends bricks and mortar; he understands that every property holds a unique tale. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, he'll unravel the compelling story of your home, positioning it in the luxury market with finesse and individuality.

Choose Bashir for a real estate experience that combines ethical excellence, intricate market knowledge, and a passionate dedication to showcasing your property's unique story. Elevate your real estate journey with a professional who values ethical conduct as much as success.

Robust market strategy

He operates a robust marketing strategy that helps me to sell luxury properties to prospective clients. No matter your taste and status, Bashir will work with you to get you a tailor-made deal and negotiate the best terms-matching with the right opportunity every time, so you are leaving nothing to chance.

professional services

Bashir upholds top-tier professionalism across all services. His expertise, coupled with tech-savvy insights, delivers extensive market knowledge. Trust him as your go-to realtor, ensuring professionalism, expertise, and a tech-driven approach in every interaction.

Ethical practise

He transcends the typical real estate experience. More than a sales-driven professional, he embodies an ethical advisor committed to meeting his clients' real estate aspirations. Beyond transactions, his goal is sustained client satisfaction, ensuring their needs are met far beyond the deal's closure. Trust Bashir for an ethical partnership that prioritises your interests and delivers exceptional advisory services tailored to your real estate journey.


His passion lies in delivering luxury properties to elite clientele, both locally and across borders, especially those eager to explore Abuja's burgeoning luxury property market. Bashir's expertise shines in catering to high-ticket clients, fulfilling their aspirations for luxury real estate with finesse and insight.

What Customers Say

Testimonials that speak for themselves. From spacious and beautiful homes to exceptional customer service and integrity, his clients have shared their experiences with you. Bashir and his team are proud to have helped them find their dream homes and confident they can do the same for you.

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If you're ready for your dream home. You need to work with one of the best and most reputable realtors in the industry. No doubt, you are in the right place, you're just a call away from getting the best. Whether you're buying a luxury property or new development, Bashir will work objectively to guarantee you the best options in the market at the best price.

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Are you looking for a luxury home in Abuja or elsewhere? Bashir will like to speak with you about the best available options.

+234 706 434 5848

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+234 706 434 5848

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    No 4 Tunde Ogbeha Street, Off Ibeto Hotel, Durumi, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria

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